If I could describe tonight - intense. It’s the point that who you are becomes compromised. What do you believe in? What feels right to you? What’s real? What’s happening? WHO is there for you…. Truly. Excuses, excuses - all valid asf. Ultimately - who comes through? Who sees everything - and does not pass judgement? - that would be a perfect world. We know- deep down. And those, the ones that pull through an say - right now, I can’t stand you….. But it’s happening. Those, those are the ones you do not abandon. We are all just copies….. Copy of a copy, of a copy 🎶
That doesn’t sound like fun - it’s the experience that teaches you. You can find yourself - and believe me, things are never what they seem - and you choose…. YOU. Not fun? It’s the reality. Are you that copy of a copy - of a copy?
In their shoes? Or your own….. How you handle the pressure…. That proves character.
Or- does it show nothing? I think that’s your choice. All I can tell you - im fuxking proud of the woman I’ve become - and it may not sound like fun, but I can proudly say I am NOT - a copy, of a copy 🎶